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Tips to Keeping Your Aging Parents Safe at Home

Tips to Keeping Your Aging Parents Safe at Home

Safety is always a concern for many older adults who prefer to age at home. That is why many families tend to seek the assistance of a home care agency in Georgia to provide essential care to their aging members. What can you do to ensure your aging parents’ safety? Here are some tips you can use.

  • Emergency numbers

    Make sure that you have your contact number and the contact details of emergency services handy at home. This way, they can easily and immediately get help when they need it.

  • Fall hazards

    Keep their home free from fall hazards. Your aging parents are not as agile, mobile and flexible as they were. They may even engage the help of providers of personal care services to help them with their daily tasks. Any item left on the floor can lead to a slip and an injury.

  • The use of stairs

    The stairs are among the most dangerous places in the home. Evaluate the need for your parents to use the stairs. You might want to consider moving your parents’ upper bedroom to the lower part of the house so they do not need to use the stairs frequently.

  • Home modifications

    Home modifications including installation of brighter lights, grab bars, etc. can help reduce safety risks for your parents especially in hazardous areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. A provider of home care services in Douglasville, Georgia will be able to provide assistance.

  • Frequent visits

    You need to frequently visit your parents at home so you can personally check on them. With your frequent visits, you can also personally determine how safe your parents are.

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