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Preventing Falls and Accidents at Home

Preventing Falls and Accidents at Home

Seniors experience age-related changes in the body or physical conditions that may result in poor sensory skills and strength or balance loss making them more prone to falls and accidents when they move. Certain medications may also cause some side effects that may make seniors vulnerable to falling and injuring themselves. At HIS Mercies Home Care Services LLC, we make sure to aid and supervise seniors when they move around at home. Mobility assistance help seniors perform activities of daily living more conveniently as we provide home care services in Douglasville, Georgia.

Aside from having a caregiver for seniors to help them support their weight when they move, exercise is a good way for them to prevent falls as it strengthens their bones, muscles, and joints and maintains their body coordination. Another practice at home to prevent falls is to improve the surrounding into a safer space for seniors to be mobile around in through replacing brighter lightings, installing handgrips and clearing out clutter. Our home care agency in Georgia also recommends seniors to visit their eye doctor every year for a thorough examination of any eye problems that may have developed.

As being active for seniors increase their self-esteem and helps prevent stress as well, our personal care services with mobility assistance ensure the safety, convenience, and effectiveness of seniors living the best of their lives at home doing anything they want.

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