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Choosing a caregiver for yourself or on behalf of your loved one is no small task. This requires you to do thorough research and seek the key qualities among the applicants. To make your search easier, HIS Mercies Home Care Services LLC comes in to lend a helping hand. We are composed of care professionals who think of providing compassionate and skilled care as one such calling.

What makes HIS Mercies Home Care Services LLC unique?

When hiring a caregiver, it is important to take note whether they’re dependable or not. Dependable caregivers take responsibility in their tasks and arrive whenever their help is needed. This gives the patients and their family the peace of mind knowing that when urgent care needs arise, they can depend on someone to provide assistance at all times.

Our care team has gone through a stringent recruitment process which includes thorough background checks, rigorous interviews, and continuous training sessions to assure quality customer service. We make sure that all employees have passed through all the screening process and cleared of records with criminal, drug, elder abuse, and DMV.

HIS Mercies Home Care Services LLC gives our clients the opportunity during the assessment to choose over who provides their care according to their preferences and what suits their needs. This is to ensure that our clients feel comfortable with their caregiver to achieve utmost satisfaction and quality care. We believe that when a patient and caregiver get in good terms with each other, it brings positive effects to the patient’s health.

Certification and Training
Our care professionals are insured, licensed, and bonded and have passed state competency exams, as well as pursue continuous training sessions and education to keep their competency and caregiving knowledge polished and up-to-date. We give them the opportunity to attend as much full training programs as possible.

This trait is the very anchor of our service. We are guided with genuine compassion in serving individuals who need assistance with their everyday activities or who require care to manage or enhance their health condition. This leads us to provide services with patience, understanding, and respect—all aimed at improving the quality of life of each client we serve. We are not just a care provider. We stop to listen, understand, and support.

How Can We Serve You?
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